When the Marquês da Serra Group was founded by owner Manuel Silva in 1995, it was a network of restaurants in the areas of Queluz and Massamá in Sintra, Lisbon.

1995 saw the launch of the QUINTAS FOR WEDDINGS project at the Quinta Marquês da Serra, which was joined in 2001 by the Quinta do Coração, both properties acquired by the founder.

Apart from the quintas’ peaceful ambiance and air of refinement, the Marquês da Serra Group prides itself on the excellent quality of all its facilities. This is true of its kitchens which take care of all catering requirements, the buffet preparation areas, the staff-only areas and even, right down to their private parking facilities for guests.

The Marquês da Serra Group has a team whose extensive experience in coordinating and managing events means that they are able to offer a completely personalised service. These event experts pay special attention to every detail and their involvement in the event turns the occasion into something unique – something perfect.

We believe that being attentive to market trends is important, and have therefore broadened our offer to give every customer what they need by adapting to their objectives and expectations in each case.

Dedication, honesty and professionalism are what our customers can expect to receive whenever they deal with the Group and our team of experts.


The mission of the Marquês da Serra Group is to develop unique events which give excellent value for money and are tailored to the needs of clients in a way that exceeds their expectations.


To be a solid, reference group in event coordination and management.