Welcome Cocktail


Sparkling wine sangria with red berries, draft beer, whisky, red and white vermouth, red and white wine, light white wine, rosé wine, white port, muscatel, gin and tonic, orange juice, natural fruit juices

Tropical Bar

Caipirinha, Caipiroskas, Morangoska, Caipirão

Cold soup (Select 3)

Melon with mint, watermelon, gazpacho; peas with mint

Carrot and ginger, gherkins and fresh herbs, beetroot

Show Cooking (Select 2)

Paella (chicken, seafood or Valencian), risotto (chicken, prawn, alheira or mushroom), crostini with various toppings

Show Cooking – Oriental

Sushi, vegetarian wrap, prawn and vegetable tempura


Veal tenderloin, rump steak, grilled belly pork, grilled pork steaks, fresh sausages, chouriço, farinheira, morcela, grilled pineapple

Regional dishes

Seafood rissoles, seafood croquettes, cod fish cakes, veal croquettes, pork puff pastry turnovers, sausage rolls, morcela and pineapple bundles, mini cod fritters, presunto and cream cheese rolls, presunto and melon skewers, scrambled eggs à la farinheira, tortilhas, quail eggs with game sausage, mushrooms stuffed with leek and bacon, crispy chicken with sweet and sour sauce, brie and quince skewers, fresh sausage and bacon skewers, tuna tartlets, mini cheese and ham quiche, sliced smoked ham, paio and salpicões stuffed smoked sausage, selection of chouriços

Cold menu

Mini cherry tomato and mozarella skewers; patés on crispbread, octopus salad, cod and olive salad, tuna and black-eyed pea salad, pig’s ear salad., smoked salmon salad, Waldorf salad

Seafood (Cocktail/buffet)

Prawn cocktail with sauce, shrimps with garlic and chilli, clams à Bulhão Pato; mussels in the shell with green sauce, Mexilhão suado com molho verde; chilli tiger prawns à Guilho

Selected entrées

Selected fish dishes

Remise en bouche

Selected meat dishes

Selected desserts

Wedding Cake and Sparkling Wine

Fruit and Dessert Buffet

Local and tropical fruit slices, strawberry cheesecake, cheesecake with biscuit base, meringue tartlets, banana split, red berry Pavlova, mango Bavarian cream, biscuit layer cake, lemon meringue pie, strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse, lemon mousse, mango mousse, crême caramel, custard, sweet rice pudding, floating island dessert (farófias), natas do céu (layered cream and biscuit pudding); Fidalgo (Alentejan egg-based dessert); Sericaia Alentejan egg-based dessert with cinammon; toucinho do céu (almond cake), jellies

Crepes, waffles, Brownies, chocolate fountain, candy bar

Cheese Buffet

Portuguese and international cheeses, regional Portuguese sausages, quince and traditional homemade jams, crisp bread, biscuits, selection of breads, corn bread

Late evening (Select 2)

Caldo verde, mini beefsteak rolls and grilled pork rolls, mini chouriço rolls, mini hamburgers with fries, mini roast beef sandwiches with garlic mayonnaise

Open Bar

Selection of wines from the Douro, Lisbon and Alentejo regions, Vinho Verde; sangria; draft beer, still and sparkling mineral water, Coca-Cola, Sprite, orange juice, coffee, whisky, aged whisky, vodka, gin, rum, whisky liqueur, almond liqueur, Licor Beirão, Licor Nacional, coffee liqueur, Caipirinha, brandy; sweet red port, white aguardente, aged aguardente.


Fireworks display, Dancing Fountain, children’s entertainment